Local Police in Maryland Deliver a CRUSHING Blow to Christine Ford’s Claims

As we discovered during the Ford/Kavanaugh hearing, there is no statute of limitations in Maryland, and if there was a crime committed, as Dr Ford claims, the police would be within the law to investigate.

However — bad news for Dr. Ford — the local Maryland police is saying they have no plans to currently investigate her claims.

Daily Caller

The police department that has jurisdiction over the area where Christine Blasey Ford claims Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her says it has not opened an investigation into the matter because Ford has not requested one, among other reasons.

The Montgomery County Police Department says it stands by its “victim-centered” approach to launching investigations, despite Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan’s call Thursday for a full investigation of Ford’s allegations and a Wednesday letter from 11 Democratic Maryland state lawmakers with a similar request.

A police department statement in effect as of Thursday explains its position, reported The Washington Post.

“At this time, the Montgomery County Police Department has not received a request by any alleged victim nor a victim’s attorney to initiate a police report or a criminal investigation regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The department recognizes that victims of sexual assault may not want to involve law enforcement and/or initiate a criminal investigation, and we respect that position. The department, however, stands prepared to assist anyone who reports being the victim of a sexual assault.”

Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault executive director Lisae C. Jordan pointed out that an investigation into Blasey Ford’s claims would be legally tricky because attempted rape was not a felony without a statute of limitations in Maryland when she claimed the assault happened, according to the WaPo.

“Maryland laws on sex crimes have evolved significantly since the early 1980s,” Jordan told WaPo. “In 1982, there was little awareness of the impact of sexual violence, assaults that did not involve vaginal intercourse were not even considered sex crimes, and many viewed sexual assaults by acquaintances as inconsequential. It’s astounding that any woman ever reported rape.”

Attempted rape was classified as a misdemeanor with a one-year statute of limitations in the state before 1996, according to WaPo.

“Launching this kind of investigation without input and cooperation from victims is looking at it from the wrong direction,” Jordan told WaPo. “Youre risking re-traumatizing them again. It would be an even worse idea in cases like this, where detectives would know they’d have very serious legal issues to overcome. What would be the benefit?”

Ford alleges Kavanaugh pinned her down and attempted to remove her clothing when they were both minors.

Kavanaugh and Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday. Kavanaugh has continued to deny any allegations of sexual assault.



  1. If you or your friends are raped, it’s just not that important to do anything about it or go to the police. The only time it would matter is if you are a democrat trying to change this country into a different country, and you don’t want a conservative judge on the bench. Then it is not only the right time for it to become important, it also is the right time to fudge a few facts about who did it, pay close attention to exactly WHEN you talk about it (in order to get the most negative press coverage), etc. According to this, Ms. Ford still has not gone to the police about this devastating encounter that she claims happened to her. Justice isn’t important and neither is protecting other women. Only the liberal agenda is important, and that should be promoted AT ALL COSTS. Nike should use HER for their add campaign: “Believe in something (advancing the socialist/communist regime) , even if it means sacrificing everything (truth and justice).

  2. I just want to point out that there has never been a report or accusation of a sexual attack or high school/college rape gangs as Blasey Ford, Ramirez and Swetnick have reported. Not in 35 years. Don’t you think there would be a whole lot of charges filed against some of these men? I do. I dont’ believe a word of it.

  3. I really think the american people would be really grateful for a full FBI investigation into the democrat party’s role in all this sexual assault circus. I think they have scared a man and his family for life and it is so wrong if they are behind this and get away with it.


  5. Democrats are the meanest, most heartless human beings. Torture a family, 2 daughters, wife, a lifetime of great work AND NO DAMN DIRTY LAUNDRY … NONE. This is so wrong on so many levels …
    I PRAY GOD takes real good care of them! I am sure they will be “Wrathed time & again” …

  6. FBI is useless. They need to be cleaned out of all the Deep State Puppet’s. I would NEVER trust any truth coming from these Losers. The FBI & CIA are Deep State owned and operated and I am hoping God drops a big fireball on all of these Evil Basket Cases and rids the USA of all tis EVIL within trying to destroy us from within.

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