A Dozen Migrants in the Caravan Just Filed a Lawsuit Against President Trump

As the Central American caravans edge close to the U.S. southern border, President Trump is tightening up border security by sending the U.S. military to the border and promising tougher immigration and asylum procedures.

Reuters reported that President Donald Trump and his administration plan to require immigrants seeking asylum in the United States to come into the country through a legal port of entry, pushing a hard line on immigration ahead of elections next week.

In addition, Newsweek reported on Trump’s plan to detain asylum seekers, saying “If they apply for asylum, we’re going to hold them until such time as their trial takes place. We’re going to hold them. We’re going to build tent cities. We’re gonna build tents all over the place,” said the president.

A dozen migrants who are traveling in the caravan are now suing President Trump’s administration for threatening to stop them at the border, claiming it’s “unconstitutional.”

This lawsuit leads to obvious questions as to how they got the funding to do so or if the lawyers are working pro bono, what their motivations are.

From Washington Examiner

A dozen people in the migrant caravan making its way to the U.S. border has sued President Trump and others in his administration for threatening to stop them at the border and house them in tent cities.

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, claims that Trump’s position is ” shockingly unconstitutional.”

“President Trump continues to abuse the law, including constitutional rights, to deter Central Americans from exercising their lawful right to seek asylum in the United States, and the fact that innocent children are involved matters none to President Trump,” it said.

It said Trump is violating the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, which includes the due process clause that plaintiffs say applies to everyone in the U.S., including people seeking asylum once they arrive.

The lawsuit seeks immediate judgment for the plaintiffs and a declaration that Trump’s border plan is unconstitutional.

Trump this week insisted that that caravan of several thousand people would not be allowed to enter the U.S., and would instead be held in tent cities while their asylum applications are processed.

He also indicated he could sign an executive order as early as next seek that prohibits asylum seekers from entering the U.S. outside a formal checkpoint. And, he has directed 5,200 members of the military to the border to back up efforts by border agents to protect the boundary.


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